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After years of organizing, running and staffing some of the most talked about events in South Africa, we know exactly what the client deserves. We take pride and show integrity in everything we engage in, we strike to provide services in a manner that consistently denotes a standard of excellence and professionalism.

With our extended practical experience and insight into sales and marketing, and hospitality, our services and expertise include but is not limited to events coordinating, events staffing solutions, cleaning services, security services, mobile bars, catering and ushering/promotional staff.

Our senior staff have all been on first AID training and have certificates.

We also provide our own transport for our staff in order to ensure the crew arrives on site well on time. In addition we have a selection of different types of uniforms that our clients get the privilege to choose from according to their event specification.

Staff360 is run by young passionate entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge in sales and marketing and hospitality industry as a whole. The knowledge gained through working with some of the highest profile and most exciting clients has taught us how important great working team are for a thought provoking and successful of an event.

In an attempt to exceed industry standards,Staff-360 will continue to develop unique offerings in every way possible using the latest industry trends, we also aim to integrate the corporate and entertainment industry to give the environment a corporate presentation and the hospitality industry a new multi-dimensional presence.

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